Nectar Del Ray

Sisters Susan and Shirley Waller, originally from Dublin, Ireland, wanted to introduce Del Ray to the local Irish hamlet coffee and bistro concept that is the other mainstay of local culture and community where they grew up.

“Del Ray, with its unique character and blend of semi-urban, unique shops and restaurants, reminds me a lot of the villages in Ireland,” says Susan. A coffee, pastry, and waffle shop by morning, and lunch spot through the day -- also featuring an eclectic selection of wine, beer, and crafty beverages -- Nectar Del Ray is bringing inspired food and drink options into the heart of the local neighborhood in which it is nestled. “Our food concepts -- like scones, muffins, our creative waffle concoctions, and broad variety of lunch choices -- may be inspired from our travels, but our freshly-made foods and locally sourced wine and beer are all about community,” says Shirley. “We want to be that place where people walk to with their kids and dogs for breakfast on a Saturday morning, or the place where neighbors meet for a glass of wine and a bite to eat as the day winds down.”

Nectar Del Ray, with its full name reflecting the desire to be enmeshed into the neighborhood, is open for breakfast starting at 7 AM Monday through Friday, and 8 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It is open throughout the day for lunch and delicious beverages until 4 PM Monday through Friday, and through 3 PM on weekends.